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Welcome to Artlicious! I'm Richard Buchanan, aka: "Rich Silver", the heart and soul behind Artlicious, LLC. In 2024, I adopted the name Rich Silver to honor my passion for collecting, stacking and owning silver and other precious metals. This name stuck, just like my love for creating unique and innovative art.

My Artistic Journey

Born in Missouri and raised in a Navy family, I’ve lived on both coasts, soaking up diverse experiences. Drawing and crafting have always been my passion, recognized throughout my school years in various gifted programs. After high school, my path took some wild turns, but I eventually found my way back to art.

In 2003, seeking new adventures, I moved to Boston. It was there I met Karen, who introduced me to oil painting. The vibrant urban life sparked my creativity, and my love for painting blossomed. My father’s passing in 2006 left me his cherished paintbrushes and the oak easel he built at 16. These heirlooms rekindled my artistic fire, guiding my hand and heart.

Founding Artlicious

In 2010, inspired by friends and driven by passion, I showcased my work at a local gallery's "Catacombs," a creative haven for artists. This experience was transformative, expanding my artistic perspective and connecting me with fellow creatives.

Fast forward to 2024, I established Artlicious, LLC, with a mission to bring my cutting-edge art to homes worldwide. isn't just a store; it's a platform dedicated to celebrating innovative art. I believe in using technology as a creative tool, like an extra hand shaping the clay.

Beyond the Canvas

I’m not just an artist; I’m a nature lover, avid gardener, and silver collector. My home is a green haven with bonsai, cacti, orchids, and three adorable dogs—a Blue Heeler and two miniature Aussies. I cherish the memory of Chelsea, my Border Collie, who was my best friend for 14 wonderful years.

Our Mission

At Artlicious, we aim to offer diverse and original artworks, including Limited Edition Signature pieces and Custom Artworks. We're excited to discover and showcase other exclusive artists, enriching our brand with unique styles. Our goal is to create art that inspires, educates, and becomes a cherished investment.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Together, let's celebrate creativity, innovation, and the beauty of art. Welcome to Artlicious, where every piece tells a story and every purchase supports an independent artist's dream.

Richard Buchanan the founder, and lead designer at Artlicious, LLC

Thank You!

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