Collection: The Artlicious Story

Welcome to, where art meets innovation.

Artlicious was born from a dream in 2010 by our visionary founder and exclusive in-house designer, Rich Silver. With no formal education but a boundless creative spirit, Rich embraced the name Artlicious and began his journey to bring his unique artistic vision to the world. What started as a small website and local gallery showcase has now evolved into a thriving platform for groundbreaking art.

Rich's artistic journey took an exciting turn in 2022 when he embraced the potential of AI in art creation. Using AI as a tool, guided by his artistic perspective, Rich began crafting mesmerizing new artworks. His techniques have since flourished, blending cutting-edge technology with traditional artistry to create pieces that are both innovative and timeless. Each artwork is a testament to the fusion of imagination and technology, resulting in creations that captivate and inspire.

In the summer of 2024, the eCommerce store officially launched, marking a new era for Artlicious. This full-fledged Shopify store is run by Rich himself, an independent artist turned small business owner, dedicated to bringing you art that we hope will one day be highly collectible. At Artlicious, we believe that art is not just a visual experience but a lifelong investment.

At Artlicious, we offer a diverse range of finished artworks spanning various styles, genres, colors, and sizes. Our future vision includes Limited Edition Prints, Signature pieces, Custom Artwork, and other artfully designed products. We are also committed to discovering and showcasing other exclusive artists who will bring their unique styles to our brand, further enriching the Artlicious collection. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that each piece is a testament to our passion for art.

Our website is constantly updated with new artwork. If you don’t find the perfect piece today, consider purchasing one of our Gift Cards. It's a wonderful way to support our company and give a gift that can be cherished for generations. The gift of art is timeless, and it’s a present that continues to give joy and inspiration long after it's received.

Thank you for getting to know Artlicious. Your time, attention, and business are invaluable to us. Together, let's celebrate the fusion of technology and creativity, and invest in art that will inspire and endure.

Welcome to Artlicious, where every piece tells a story and every purchase supports the journey of an independent artist.

Artlicious Artwork on Display in 2011

Artlicious - 2011

Nestled in the vibrant basement of a local art gallery, the original Artlicious space was shared with many talented artists. This creative hub marked the beginning of our journey, showcasing unique artworks and fostering a community of artistic collaboration.

Retired Artlicious Logo from 2011-2023

The Original Logo

Artlicious - Treat Your Eyes

Rich Silver, in 2011, in front of his painting.

The Founder

Richard Buchanan - aka "Rich Silver", 2011.